Franchise credibility without the restrictions and fees

Kwik Kerb® business owners start their new business well ahead of the game. You will benefit from a myriad of franchise style features that can make business operation easier and more cost efficient.

Initial training, ongoing business care, technical support and marketing techniques are all part of the Kwik Kerb® system available to you. The general public also perceives Kwik Kerb® to be a franchise business and as a Kwik Kerb® business owner you will have the credibility of a large world-wide organisation with a local outlet. This often translates to higher profits and easier sales.

Kwik Kerb® business owners do not have any territorial restrictions imposed on them. You can work wherever you want. Isn’t that great? Whether you grow your business with multiple machines and crews serving a larger area or simply take your business with you on vacation – Kwik Kerb® does not restrict this mobile business activity.

One of the greatest franchise-like advantages you will have is the real cash savings you will make every week by using the buying power of a large group. Your cost for flyers, business cards, uniforms, stationery (and much more) is often less than one third what it would cost for you to purchase these important marketing items individually. In short you have franchise style benefits without any of the fees or restrictions.