Doug W. (Canada)

“This is without doubt the most impressive and affordable business I have ever seen. The support and training I have received is second to none. My clientele has ranged from common residential properties to million dollar estates, building contractors and landscapers.”

Tim K. & Vanessa W. (Australia)

“We’ve been Kerbing for about 12 months now and we love it! We get to work outside, work our own hours and we make a good income. We really enjoy working with our customers and the satisfaction we get from giving them the landscape that they want. We think Kwik Kerb® is fantastic.”

Olivier G. (France)

“I have always liked to work outdoors.
After a few years in another business, I discovered Kwik Kerb® which proved to be perfect for me . I found the intensive training to be excellent. I enjoy being able to help my customers create wonderful landscapes which I find very satisfying. I have no regrets having chosen to buy a Kwik Kerb® System.”

Hantun H. (Australia)

“I’ve owned my business for more than 2 years now & I am averaging about $2,000 a week. Before I started the Kwik Kerb® training, I didn’t know anything about edging, but by the end of the course I was filled with confidence. I made approximately $100,000 last year & after talking with my accountant, I have set a target of $120,000 for this year. I am excited with the income potential of Kwik Kerb® and I am very pleased with my choice.”

Adam S.

“Believe it or not, I’ve actually got too much work. To be in the position where I ‘cringe’ when the phone rings is a fantastic feeling. My biggest problem is parting with too many dollars to the taxman.”