Frans V. (South Africa)

“I completed my training course in September 1996 and since then Kwik Kerb® has been part of my family and my life. Over the past year I have seen the Kwik Kerb® brand grow from strength to strength through a superior quality product and their experienced marketing know-how. The local & international support has been wonderful and l look forward to many more years working together. The thing that I enjoy most in this business is watching my customers reaction when I transform their very average garden into a masterpiece and then they refer me to their friends.”

Willem & Dalene A. (South Africa)

“Since returning from a well paid security position in Iraq, my wife and I started looking at various home businesses and the wide selection of business opportunities narrowed quickly when we started looking into Kwik Kerb®. Kwik Kerb® was definitely the most viable business with low costs and high profit margins. Another BIG plus is there are no royalties or Franchise fees payable.  Compliments  to  the Kwik Kerb® Management, the ongoing support and back-up is nothing short of phenomenal. I have found that the quality product sells itself and having extensive pro-active marketing pays off and will continue to pay off in the long term too. Thanks again Kwik Kerb®.”

Quentin L. (South Africa)

“I have been involved with the motor industry for 26 years as a Service Manager and found that like so many other people, I’d had enough of the corporate politics, so I chose to do something about it! I came across Kwik Kerb® in a garden magazine and straight away liked the concept. I contacted Kwik Kerb® as well as the “other” kerbing company. I had no response from them and a prompt & professional response from Kwik Kerb®.