The key to your success!

Training is perhaps the most important part of purchasing a Kwik Kerb® system. All Kwik Kerb® business owners are provided with a full four day comprehensive training course which has been developed and proven successful over the past 20 years. The course will ensure that you are ready

to lay professional quality kerbing which meets the high standards your customers will expect when you operate under the Kwik Kerb® brand name. Your success is our success! Some of the areas covered at the Kwik Kerb® training course include:

  • Quoting, marketing and advertising techniques.
  • Hands-on operation of all machinery including actually laying a variety of different shaped edges.
  • Applying the unique range of patented Kwik Kerb® finishes to the edging you have laid.
  • Service and maintenance of tools and machinery.
  • Professional presentation and customer service skills.