You'll be supported every step of the way.

One of the most valuable things about buying a Kwik Kerb® business is that you not only receive the best equipment on the market, but also full training and on-going marketing and business support from Kwik Kerb® Head Office.

Unlike Franchises, Kwik Kerb® does not charge any fees for marketing and business support services.

The marketing and advertising support includes print and internet advertising, local job leads, merchandising signs, promotional items, decals, stationery, uniforms, thousands of pieces of advertising material and artwork. Kwik Kerb® even provides displays for use at trade shows along with a complete customer presentation portfolio. Should you ever require marketing support, professional advice is always available - free of charge.

A full four day training course is provided for all new Kwik Kerb® businesses owners. The training course is divided into two parts. At   field   training,  Kwik  Kerb®   business

owners learn how to lay professional quality edging to the exacting standards of Kwik Kerb® Head Office. Covered in the course are techniques and methods needed to produce the range of Kwik Kerb® patented kerbing and hands-on training using all tools and equipment. During classroom training Kwik Kerb business owners learn proven quoting, sales and marketing techiques successfully used by thousands of Kwik Kerb® business owners worldwide.