Tough, reliable and engineered for success.

The complete Kwik Kerb® proven system includes all the unique kerbing equipment, tools and other items you will need to produce Kwik Kerb's range of patented kerbing products and operate a successful kerbing business.

All kerbing equipment comes in a bright red specially designed trailer which acts as mobile advertising. Just being seen driving around creates Kwik Kerb® business.

A unique machine called an "Edgemaster" is the cornerstone of this truly innovative business system. The Edgemaster can extrude concrete edging on-site at up to 60 metres per hour, allowing Kwik Kerb® business owners to produce a large amount of work in a very short space of time which leads to the terrific profits this business generates.

While all of the Kwik Kerb® equipment is state-of-the-art and is the result of 20 years of continual development, the most important assets you receive with a Kwik Kerb® business is the training, backup,

support, the benefits of our vast experience and use of the Kwik Kerb® brand.