Do I need business experience?

No - Kwik Kerb® will teach you the business operation step by step. You benefit from 20 years of experience assisting thousands of others to start their concrete landscape kerbing businesses. This knowledge and business "best practice" is priceless and you get it from Kwik Kerb® for free!

How do I attract work?

A very important part of the Kwik Kerb® training class is a comprehensive marketing segment. You are taught proven marketing techniques, sales generation methods and how to effectively use the vast array of marketing tools that are supplied to you in your Kwik Kerb® business package. Media exposure, and other techniques such as exhibition displays are all part of a system designed to create enquiries and edging work for you.

How long will I take to become proficient?

Our experience of over two decades means that you have the benefit of focussed training techniques and strategies which work. You will be producing quality edging in just a few days of practice.

What is included with Kwik Kerb®?

The complete Kwik Kerb® business includes all the machinery and equipment required to make the kerbing system work most efficiently. Many special tools have been developed specifically by Kwik Kerb® and are not available anywhere else. You will also have advertising, merchandising signwork, stationery, promotional items, decals, uniforms, artwork and just about everything conceivably required to start a successful business. We have made sure you will not need to any other equipment to get started. You will even have a purpose designed trailer to operate your business from with professional sign writing (just like a mobile billboard.)

How many days a week am I required to work?

You are not required to work any particular number of days per week. The choice is yours depending on your own lifestyle or financial goals. Often Kwik Kerb® business owners find that they earn as much in a day as they would have in a week in their previous role and therefore choose to only work a couple of days a week. Many Kwik Kerb business owners enjoy the unlimited income potential that Kwik Kerb® offers and run their business full time.

Is the Kwik Kerb® business a one person operation?

The Kwik Kerb® system has been designed to be run effectively as a single person operation and many Kwik Kerb® business owners

run their business very successfully in this manner. Some choose to have a labourer or offsider available for large or commercial kerbing jobs where time is paramount. Many Kwik Kerb® businesses are also run efficiently by husband and wife teams with the partner involved on a variety of levels, from actually working on the job site, to quoting and bookkeeping.

Is laying Kwik Kerb® very phisically demanding or difficult?

Kwik Kerb® is not very difficult or physically challenging for the average person to lay. Most of the actual physical work is completed by the Edgemaster® edging machine and Edgeprep® ground preparation machine, however it is outdoors work which is not suited to everyone.

With the comprehensive Kwik Kerb® training course, instructional video and easy to read instructions manuals, you will be ready to begin after a short time. Most operators start producing quality garden edging after just a few days.

There is already a Kwik Kerb® business owner in my area, can I still become one?

The number of Kwik Kerb® businesses operating in a certain area depends on a number of factors including whether the existing business owner/s can keep up with the demand for kerbing in that area and how long they have been established. Population and other demographic considerations are also taken into account. We have found that the more Kwik Kerb® edging that is laid, the more people see it and the demand therefore increases.