The QUALITY benchmark by which all concrete kerbing is measured.

Kwik Kerb® business owners provide machine-extruded continuous concrete edging to enhance gardens, driveways and any landscaped areas. Kwik Kerb® is the premium product in landscape kerbing.

It is a cost-effective method to create mower strips, driveway curbs and very functional and stylish garden edges for home-owners or any type of property.


Innovation is the heart of Kwik Kerb®’s success. During the 1980’s various styles of plain and coloured kerbing were being produced by Kwik Kerb® business owners. Kwik Kerb® quickly began to innovate and develop new and previously untried processes. Kwik Kerb® was the first company to develop a one-day process for stamped and patterned kerbing - the famous Eurostyle® range. Unmatched by any other – Eurostyle® is the premier concrete edging product in the world.


Recently Kwik Kerb® added the brand new Eurobrick® range of kerbing. This is another one-day kerb process, using patented tooling to create an authentic brick and mortar appearance. Eurobrick® is now the hottest kerbing product available and is even more profitable for Kwik Kerb business owners.

EuroBrick® Benefits

  • PATENTED - The Eurobrick® process is patented, unique and exclusive to Kwik Kerb® business owners. This means that your competitors cannot copy your special technique and process.
  • EXCLUSIVE - The Eurobrick® process yields stronger pigment, longer–lasting coloured kerbing. This means that certain colours which have previously been difficult, or in some cases impossible to stop fading etc. can now be successfully installed using the Eurobrick® method.
  • AUTHENTIC - Eurobrick® appears to be authentic bricks and mortar. Along with unlimited colour choice this unique  feature  makes  it  the hottest
    product in landscape kerbing today. Customers enjoy the privilege of a truly unique installation, unlike anything their neighbours may have.
  • FLEXIBLE - Eurobrick® provides a lot of flexibility in the curb installation process. Therefore timing regarding the application of colour and texture is now much less demanding than in the past.
  • REFURBISH - In some cases old existing kerbing can be treated with a whole new look or the colour and finish of existing kerb changed. This adds a whole new dimension to the services only you - the Kwik Kerb® business owners can provide to customers.