How did Kwik Kerb® begin?

The Kwik Kerb® garden kerbing story began over 20 years ago. The concept of machine extruded concrete landscape kerbing was new at that time and kerb machine owners were often unable to market the kerbing effectively.

The kerbing process and business operation was originally perfected by Kwik Kerb® and then offered to others. In fact every major landscape kerbing innovation has been developed by Kwik Kerb® R&D.

Kwik Kerb® are easily the world leaders in landscape kerb machinery and the Kwik Kerb® brand is a household name in many countries. Kwik Kerb® concrete kerbing is of the highest quality and Kwik Kerb® is a highly respected brand name.

In fact the Kwik Kerb® brand is so strong you will find that people don't ask for concrete edging. They simply ask for Kwik Kerb®.


Proven brand merchandising and methods of business operation

Proving a system really works takes years of trial and error. It began with a unique and innovative kerbing machine. It was packaged together with Kwik Kerb® brand merchandising, equipment, tools, training, promotional materials, advertising copy and methods, technical support, marketing support and on-going business care to form the Kwik Kerb® system.

Using this proven system, Kwik Kerb® business owners could lay quality concrete edging and make a very healthy income from day one! With the proven system in place, it no longer mattered if the kerber didn’t have previous concreting or business

experience, they were set for success.

Inadequate business experience was no longer a worry. The proven system successfully bridged a new owners gap of in-experience. Today Kwik Kerb® global brand marketing provides owners with instant leverage unavailable elsewhere.

  • Our mission – Provide the number one landscape business opportunity available in the world.
  • Our objective – Make new business ownership as straight forward and easy as possible for our clients.
  • Our credibility – Already established reputation for leadership experience and reliability.
  • Our methodology – Based on proven
    business sales and marketing strategies.
  • Our advanced installation solutions – empower Kwik Kerb® business owners with industry best efficiency.
  • Our uniquely advanced product – makes every Kwik Kerb® business owners number 1 in their local market.
  • Our customer service excellence – establishes extraordinary credibility with our global experience and local strength.