Local Experience – Global Strength – World Class Product

Within a few years from it’s inception, Kwik Kerb® had become the number one organisation laying concrete landscape kerbing. Since then thousands of Kwik Kerb® business owners have been established in many countries around the

world including New Zealand, Canada, USA, France, South Africa, Caribbean, South America, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Kwik Kerb® equipment is designed and manufactured in Australia and when sold internationally it is quality checked and assembled in the country of destination for local users. All Kwik Kerb® systems are tailor-made to suit the specific country of destination. This includes fitting the correct electrical components for the local Voltage, as well as compliance with local emission laws for Gasoline engines. Global safety features are also important when machines are manufactured for a world-wide market. This includes innovations like special safety–off switches on some machines and warning labels appropriately located where necessary.

Success in many different countries has been made possible because an established and proven system of operation has been adhered to. When you start a new Kwik Kerb® business, you too can follow this formula for business start up success.